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Need help with PyGtk


I'm writing a simple reminder application that allows you to set reminders for a specific time, and notifies you using Notify-OSD. I want to create a simple Gtk-based UI for setting the Title of the reminder, the body of the reminder and the date/time. The reminder will automatically pop up using the Notify-OSD bubble on Ubuntu using Pynotify.

Something along the lines of Sticky Notifications for Mac

This is the first time I'm writing a GUI app, so I've got a few questions.

1. Should I use Quickly to create the UI, or should I write the UI using PyGtk itself?

2. I'm planning on creating a Cron job for every reminder created, and firing up a python script containing the code to create a notification using Notify-OSD at the required time. Is this the best approach or is there something more elegant/efficient?

Any tutorials on PyGtk would be helpful as well.

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Re: Need help with PyGtk

I think the first thing to decide is if you're using Python 2 + GTK2 or Python 3 + GTK3. Python 2 uses PyGTK while GTK3 has native Python bindings.

If you choose to use GTK3, here is the tutorial I used to write my application "from scratch":

If you're new to Python or GTK programming, there's tricks you can do to learn it more quickly, such as using the ipython shell and tab completion to easily see what's inside a library or function.


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