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(Solved)Multiseat Xorg + Subtle Window Manager = fail


I have setup a multiseat xorg config file.. running cinnamon on both seats now, but i want to run Subtle window manager on seat0 and cinnamon on seat1.
Subtle wibsite is down, maybe a dead window manager but i like it and will write sublets in the furture. but i need help making it work..

it starts and i see the tabs and my sublets. but nothing more , cant use any of my defined keys for opening browser or terminal. can it be related to the fact that i use 2 keyboard on the system? maybe need to redefine the keys some how?

Solved by adding my my keymap to .profile..

Kind Regards Exebat

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Multiseat AMD FX 4100, 4GB Ram, Nvidia Geforce 260 GTX, Nvidia Gefore 8800 GTX
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