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Weird problem with temperature

Hi. I come here to post a very strange problem with the temperature of my laptop. (Sorry for my english)

About half of the times when I turn on my laptop and run arch, the laptop works..normally. The temperature of the cpu is between 40-50 °C in idle...there is no process consuming the ram or cpu, the temperature only rise if I run a heavy program, etc.The laptop works normally.
The weird thing is the other half of time. Sometimes when I turn on mi laptop and run arch the temperature of the cpu is between 60-70 °C in idle (and rising), even in KDM before I start session in KDE. I notice immediately that the temperature is high because the fan is working a lot, but the temperature continues rising or maintaining in ~70°C (like if I running a game).
The weird thing is that when I have this problem there isn't any process consuming the cpu or ram, the speed of the cores are slow in idle according to my ondemand setting, the command journalctl -b doesn't show any strange, etc. I can't figure out what is the cause of the high temperature.
The most weird thing is that the problem seems to be random, I don't see any pattern. When the problem shows up I have to reboot my laptop and see if It's working normally. Sometimes when I reboot the problem shows up again, and I have to reboot again and again until the problem doesn't appear.
I discard a hardware problem because in windows I don't have this problem.
I have a Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz. Also I have a nVidia card with optimus, but I turn off the video card (with acpi_call or bumblebee+bbswitch). Anyway de temperature of the nVidia card is about 45°C with and without problem, so it's not the cause.

Thanks in advance for any idea.


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Re: Weird problem with temperature

Please search before posting. There is a long thread on this and you have an i5, too...

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