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ESI U24XL operating well on my Arch Laptop but not on my Arch PC

I am struggling with my ESI U24XL usb audio device and just reached a dead-end.

These are the facts:

I tested 2 usb audio cards (ESI U24XL & ESI MAYA44) on my PC and on my laptop. PC and Laptop are both 64bit machines running an up-to-date Arch (kernel 3.7.7-1).

I typed this command to test the card:
aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav
and got following result:

        MAYA44: Works out of the box.
        U24XL: Works almost out of the box. Playback too fast, can easily be fixed by creating ~/.asoundrc and resampling playback to 48000kHz.
        MAYA44: Works out of the box.
        U24XL: Playback is awfully scratchy. Creating and fiddling around with ~./asoundrc dosn't have any impact.
        But that's not all. Let's say I plug both audio cards and run xbmc. In xbmc, I choose MAYA44 as output device. If I run aplay on U24XL now (without ~/.asoundrc) then I suddenly get a clear output. As soon as I shutdown xbmc the output becomes scratchy again.
        I compared the output of aplay -v with and without xbmc running. They are identical.       

On my PC I switched to systemd while the Laptop still boots with initscripts. But I dont see a connection to this problem. Or maybe something with d-bus?

However, I am clueless about what the relevant system information might be. Please tell me if you want to see something. Any help appreciated.



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