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LXDE configuration and usage questions

As a veteran Linux user, although new to LXDE, I've fresh installed the latest Linux on my netbook along with LXDE.
Although I've searched the Wiki, I couldn't find answers to the following questions, and would appreciate any help:

1. Automounting USB memory
Although automount is selected in PCManFM, it doesn't work and doesn't appear in mtab either. The Wiki states that D_Bus should be running, yet, as far as I know, as system is systemd-based, D-BUS is obsolete ind is not used any more. Gamin is installed. How can I automount these devices?

2. NetworkManager applet
I've installed NetworkManager along with gnome-icon-theme, and my system indeed connects (at least to the current eth0). Yet, in the system tray I see what I consider a non-relevant applet. I see two blue screens, and the front one has a "no-entry" sign. Clicking on it I see "Connection Properties: eth0" saying zero packers have been received and transmitted which clearly is NOT the case. What's going on?

3. XTerm font size
How can I enlarge the default size?

4. I'm using pulse audio (with Skype), yet, besides alsamixer (ran from terminal), I couldn't find a graphical audio mixer. Any tips?

Thanks up front

Best regards,
Michael Badt


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Re: LXDE configuration and usage questions

1,3 and 4 are easily answerable reading the wiki.

Please make some effort to help yourself; you have been around long enough not to be spoonfed...

Moving to Newbie Corner.

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