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Best method for timestamping? (for later use with perl script)

What is the best method that I can use to timestamp events in Linux for later use with perl script?

I am performing some energy measurements.. where I am running several tasks separated by 20 secs in between. Before I start any execution of tasks, I always place initial delay for me to start the script and start the measurement device.

My problem is that I don't know how long is that first delay exactly. So to solve this, I thought I could use date commands to time stamp all tasks.. or at least to timestamp first dela.

Here is example of what I am doing:
1st delay
task 1
task 2
task 3..... etc

What would be the best to use?


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Re: Best method for timestamping? (for later use with perl script)


It posts messages straight to the system log.  You can see the message, in all its glory using tools like journalctl.  You will see the message, the date, time, host name, user name, and the PID of logger when it ran.

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