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Execute commands inside new shell with a single line?

I need some way to run series of commands as a single line, however the problem is that I am changing to another shell at one point and I am not sure how I can make commands execute in that new shell.

Here is what I am trying to do (as I am running it now)

adb shell
ubuntu_chroot shell
nohup /home/phablet/test/

I am able at the moment to call this:

adb shell "ubuntu_chroot shell"

But I am not sure how I can execute line that calls after that on a single line.

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Re: Execute commands inside new shell with a single line?

Does ubuntu_chroot have a --help flag or manpage?

It's fairly common for shells to have a -c flag which will make them run the first argument in the new shell.

Edit: Just looked through the Ubuntu Touch repos, ubuntu_chroot is (currently) only able to launch a shell, but it should be easy to modify it to just pass on the additional arguments to sh
uchroot repo here if anyone's interested.

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