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Sleutel Bind, fancy key events handler for standalone window managers

I began using Openbox in my laptop a while ago, and I was amazed by the speed, customization and simplicity it provides. After I started customizing my desktop I noticed that some of the special keys (TouchpadToggle, Volume, PrintScreen, etc) didn't worked at all. There are some applications for the Volume keys to work, but not for keys like touchpad-toggle and print-screen. Of course, there's a workaround for each case using simple scripts, but I wanted something a little more fancy, so I made:

Sleutel Bind

It's made in C and provides key events handling for:

  • XF86TouchpadToggle

  • Print (prtsc key)

It makes use of libnotify to display states ( touchpad enabled/disabled, screenshot taken, etc) and imlib2 (a very popular library, probably already installed in your system) to grab the screenshots. Almost all other keys are covered already by another application, but if needed, more key events will be added in the future.

Feel free to post your thoughts about Sleutel Bind, it's my first contribution to the community.

How to use

Once installed just run the command as a normal user.
If using openbox, place the following command in the "~/.config/openbox/autostart" file:

sleutelb &


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