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DVD Burning in 2013 - for those who still use DVDs

Hello all.

I'm hoping to find a better alternative to burning / backing up DVDs.

As of the new qt updates, strangely enough I cannot get 'backlite' to compile.  This was a pretty neat piece of software considering it had the ability to backup / burn dvd9 -> dvd4.7 pretty effortlessly.  It would also preserve the DVD menus.  The software was as outdated as is the usage of DVDs.  So if you still used DVDs it worked relatively fine (very will IMHO).  But given that devopment on the k9copy project ended in '11 and backlite is a simple light version of k9copy without the kde deps, I thought there must be a better alternative that others use here.

The wiki provides a pretty nice set of suggestions on DVD burning.  They can be found here:

I'm looking for similar functionality, thought I'm not clear on how to get something backed up from dvd9 to dvd4.7.

Any advice would be appreciated.


what are some good dvd backup software?



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