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No sound in multiple applications at once

This is an issue that has bothered me with arch for a while but I didn't care much about fixing until now. With more and more games coming to Linux I want to have my own music playing in the background but I can't.
So for an example let's take two applications like flash and teamspeak3. I have sound in flash and I do have sound in teamspeak when they are not running at the same time. When I'm running ts3 and then open a website with flash it will have no sound and vice versa. I used to have this issue with Ubuntu some time ago (new versions of Ubuntu seem to not get that issue, but I don't know how they solved it). On Ubuntu I used aoss to solve this problem but it doesn't seem to work on Arch.

And I'm sorry if there has been a solved topic with this issue already, I searched for a while and the only one I found was a one post topic with no solution.

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Re: No sound in multiple applications at once

Welcome to the boards.

Please read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
you have to supply a lot more information to get any meaningful help; such as
details about your hardware, what you have tried, wiki pages you have read, etc.

This is not an uncommon use case for Archers, so reading the various wiki
entries is probably the place to start.

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Re: No sound in multiple applications at once

Here is a leg up.  Read the following articles in the wiki:  (Especially the bit about flash)

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