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#1 2013-03-08 03:48:46

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sugestion for next update of AUR

I have an idea in my mind. and my sugestion is:

For example when we send a package that already has an owner in AUR, we could not send because only the owner of the package can update the package with the same name as the one that you want to send.

However if the owner of the package does not update package, does not respond to the comments and requests to update the package would be the idea that users were able to send the package even if you are not an owner.

the page where are the package would be a link called "other versions of the package" that would link a page where are the other versions sent by non-owners of the source package, thus forming a ranking of sources of packages with the same name where the package most votes would be the official source package elected by the official owner of the package in AUR and users who liked the other version of the package.

If the yaourt there support ranking of sources, it would work like this:

"yaourt -S repacman-1"

being that "-1" would the reference to package with more votes of ranking of the package: "repacman". and that is in first place of the packages with more votes.

That would relieve the user from dealing with outdated sources where other versions come with problems solved to compilation and function.

Good, excuse me by my bad English and I hope that I have managed to interpret me clearly about what I want you to understand about my idea!

thank you!.

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Re: sugestion for next update of AUR

yaourt is not an official tool for the AUR (I would recommend just not using it. Ever).

If the owner does not update package, respond to comments, or respond to emails, then request a disown on aur-general. Having multiple versions of a PKGBUILD is just bloat.

'Relieving' users from dealing with outdated sources is a lousy motivation, Arch users should know how to increment pkgver appropriately anyway.

Currently you can already post an updated PKGBUILD in the comments (many do), so adding more complexity (and bugs) to the AUR is unnecessary.

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Re: sugestion for next update of AUR

You're making things way too complicated. If the maintainer doesn't respond, you send an email to the aur-general mailing list requesting that it be disowned. Simple. … do_I_do.3F


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