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[solved] printer - brother DCP-J315W - "sending data to printer"

Hi All,

My sister have a printer brother DCP-J315W, connected with  usb.
I installed the brother-dcpj315w package from AUR, and it used to work without issue.
But I was informed "recently" that this printer is not working correctly since perhaps two months. (perhaps it's related to the AUR package update, but I think it's was already not working before the update.)

When I try to print, there is no activity on the printer, and, using the cups web-interface, I can see, for the printer status: "idle - sending data to printer"
I'm not sure about what I see in the logs, there are some failure about systemd and avahi service, when I try to print, perhaps it's the issue, but I really don't know.

journaltct -f - when I try to print a test page.
/var/logs/cups/error.log - for this day, with a debug log level, and when I added this printer and print a test page.

It tried to not use the usblp kernel module without success, the printer is not recognized by cups without this module loaded.
So, I'm quite lost with this issue. hmm

Cupsd info:

Printer info

Bus 003 Device 002: ID 04f9:0254 Brother Industries, Ltd 

lsmod | grep 'usb'

usblp                  13011  0 
usbhid                 41358  0 
hid                    86421  2 hid_generic,usbhid
usb_storage            43828  0 
scsi_mod              130423  4 usb_storage,libata,sd_mod,sr_mod
usbcore               174164  5 usblp,uhci_hcd,usb_storage,ehci_hcd,usbhid
usb_common               955  1 usbcore

If you have any idea to help me debug this issue, I'd be grateful. smile
Thanks a lot to read this.

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Re: [solved] printer - brother DCP-J315W - "sending data to printer"

Hi again,

Issue solved, I had to execute this commande after the package installation:


I contacted the package owner so he can update his package.

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