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#1 2013-03-11 22:40:42

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New nvi package

I was having problems with nvi-unicode. Primarily, it would thrash and crash whenever it encountered...unicode (I know, the irony of it all).

I really love nvi, so I wanted to get it working. I downloaded the tarball from the source website and then I applied patches available through the Fedora package database/repository. I re-tarballed the patched source and modified the PKGBUILD and all seems to be good for me.

Now, I have it for myself, but I thought others may be able to benefit from it, too. My question is whether to upload the patched source tarball and PKGBUILD under a new entry, or try to merge it into the nvi-unicode entry?


#2 2013-03-12 05:05:31

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Re: New nvi package

I would first try contacting the maintainer and see if he/she will update the package with your changes. If there is no response in 2 weeks (14 days), you can post to the AUR mailing list and ask for the package to be orphaned and then you can maintain it.


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