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YAPIS - Yet another python information script

Hi guys, (Sorry for my bad english)

I'm a new python coder and, to improve myself, i decided to write a tiny tool like archey or screenfetch to show system informations via shell. I would like some tips to make it better.

What is it:
YAPIS is a tool made to display system informations. Currently it can display username, hostname, kernel release, distribution, desktop environment, shell type and total - used - free space of a partition. It's still an alpha release so some functions could not work as well, and code is not the best seen on this earth(I'm sorry sad ). I'm trying to make YAPIS so customizable as possible.


YAPIS is on AUR at: and github at:

Configuration files:
YAPIS works using two configuration files:
/etc/yapis/yapis.conf to set your configuration.
/etc/yapis/yapis_colors.conf to set colors for configuration.

How it works:
yapis.conf  accepts all the following functions:

DEFCOLOR = ['color name'] - default color for values
DEFSECTIONCOLOR = ['color name'] - default color for strings
DEFSEPARATOR = ['separator string, you can use \t or \n in it'] - default separator
DEFPARTITION = ['partition name'] - default partition
DISTRIBUTION = ['string', 'color name'] - system distribution
USERNAME = ['string', 'color name'] - username
HOSTNAME = ['string', 'color name'] - hostname
KERNEL = ['string', 'color name'] - kernel release
DE = ['string', 'color name'] - desktop environment
PART = ['string', 'color name', 'partition name or mount point'] - informations about a partition
SHELL = DE = ['string', 'color name'] - shell type
TEXTSECTION = ['string'] - text string

Example configuration:

# Base Configuration
DEFSEPARATOR = ['\t : ']
DEFPARTITION = ['/root']
# System
TEXTSECTION = ['-------------------------------------------------->']
DISTRIBUTION = ['| Distribution', 'CYAN']
KERNEL = ['| Kernel Rel', 'CYAN']
HOSTNAME = ['| Hostname', 'CYAN']
USERNAME = ['| Username', 'CYAN']
SHELL = ['| Shell\t', 'CYAN']
DE = ['| Desktop Env', 'CYAN']
PART = ['| Root \t', 'CYAN, '/root']
TEXTSECTION = ['-------------------------------------------------->']


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