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Keyboard issues during installation

Hello - I'm a relatively experienced Linux user (Slack) giving Arch a try for setting up a server. I'm trying to install it on a Mac Mini, and cannot get the keyboard (an Apple, USB keyboard that has more than a few years of use) to work. When I option boot off of the live DVD, the keyboard doesn't work at all, and I can't get anywhere beyond the initial prompt. My thought is that this may have to do with the age and make of the keyboard, but I wanted to see if someone could confirm my suspicion. I don't have anything else easily accessible, and don't want to go out and get some other keyboard unless I have to.


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Re: Keyboard issues during installation

I'm too am having (possibly) the exact same problem. I've taken my Arch Linux hard disk out of one computer (it works perfectly there) and put it in a USB encasing, and now I'm trying to boot it on the Mac Mini. Holding the alt key (a.k.a option key, but I have a non-mac keyboard) takes me to the startup manager, where I can choose (using the keyboard) to boot from the USB drive, but as soon as I get to GRUB, I cannot select any options (apparently the keyboard doesn't work at that point). When GRUB times out and boots the default option, the keyboard continues not to work. I haven't booted to a graphical target yet, so I'm not sure if the mouse works.

Any ideas on a possible solution, anyone? - joe at true skater dot io.


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