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atheros ethernet, compat-drivers & linux-headers version mismatch

I just installed a new mobo (GA-H77M-D3H) which has an atheros ar8161 ethernet chip.
The old mobo had a realtek ethernet chip which worked fine (but the RAM didn't).

Arch (and other distros) doesn't have drivers for the new atheros one (there's a bit of a fight over its support in the linux kernel).

I see many posts on how to fix this, but the solution isn't working for me yet.

The solution seems to be to use the compat-drivers package. However, I'm having trouble building it (I'm not that great at solving these things yet).
I am downloading compat-drivers from: … ts/stable/
(From the unzipped source, I am using ./script/driver-select alx)

The problem is compat-drivers needs linux headers for my current kernel, 3.7.10-1-ARCH, but the version on the arch download page is Arch is 3.8.3-2 and I don't know where to find an earlier version.
The download link I use for linux-headers is: … x-headers/
Note: I'm downloading on another computer as the one with no ethernet has no ethernet.

"uname -r" gives me:
And I can't update without ethernet.

The build error message is:
make: *** /lib/modules/3.7.10-1-ARCH/build: No such file or directory.  Stop.

So, my questions are:
1. Is there anywhere I can get linux-headers for 3.7.10-1-ARCH? (and would this be the right way?)
2. Can I force make to pretend I'm using 3.8.3-2? would this have any chance of success?
3. Is there another way to fix this?


PS: It took me about 10 minutes to get through the forum register "captcha" due to bugs and my laptop not having accurate US time... I see lots of complaints about it online, so please fix (a regular captcha is far harder to spam).


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Re: atheros ethernet, compat-drivers & linux-headers version mismatch

1.The old packages are here
2.No way.
3. There must be, but I don't know.

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Re: atheros ethernet, compat-drivers & linux-headers version mismatch

This works for me:

1. Get latest kernel 3.8.3-2
2. wget … -u.tar.bz2
3. Use … at-drivers documentation, but simply:
- tar jxvf compat-drivers-2013-03-15-u.tar.bz2
-./scripts/driver-select alx
- make
- make install
- modprobe alx

verify with lsmod | grep -i alx, if module is loaded.

compat-drivers-3.8.3-2-snpu.tar.bz2 didn't work for me with latest kernel 3.8.3-2.


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