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[SOLVED] LCD Brightness weirdness...

Ok, so I have searched high and low for this and can't seem to come up with anything...

I have a Dell E6230 with a fresh install of Arch.   Latest kernel as of this post.   

Everything works fine, except one annoying problem.  Whenever I unplug the AC Power, the LCD brightness acts weird.  I can flip back and forth between webpage tabs for example.  One white and one dark and the brightness is changing as I do that.  Get's brighter when I flip to a light color, and darker when I flip to a dark color.    It's crazy annoying.  When I'm on AC power, it doesn't do that at all.   

EDIT...  One more thing.  I do want to point out /sys/class/brightness/actual & max never change when I plug or unplug the power adapter.  Also I have used acpi_backlight=vendor and the "dell_backlight" stuff never changes either.  Happens all the same.

My dmesg:

What can I do or look for to help nail this one down?



Good lord.   This stuff drives me crazy sometimes.  The fix was to turn off the Auto Brightness Settings in the BIOS.

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