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low lv access on /dev/sr0 in order to burn disc with continous beam

Topic pretty much says it all but i'll elaborate.
Goal: blackening a whole disc with a continous beam of the laserdiode in burn mode

Backround: graphene-oxide exfoliation via laserlight (the laser is abused as a means to deliver an infrared highpower beam onto the surface,
                    in order to transform the layers of graphene oxide into sheets of graphene)

Hypothesis: some godforsaken burn lib or tool in the *nix world must provide what i need. :-)

Exclusions: pls dont recomment lightsscribe or qlscribe or anything like that, I am sure it is possible without that.

Question: 1. is it clear what i am looking for?
                2.  any ideas or pointers?

Statement: I 've checked all kinds of channels so far no luck, i hope anyone here has tinkered with raw access on /dev/sr0 in order to help

Thank You for listening

as a sidenote
this was the inspirational video
they used lightscribe

if anyone is wondering about the graphene-oxide
my workgroup is working on an easy homemade synthesis
based on: …


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