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Remote Control problem

I guess this almost qualifies to this forum.

I have a Hercules SmartTV 2 card with an included remote control that is plugged directly to the TV card. I intend to use it with lircd and irkick (the KDE application) to map it to a number of KDE apps, like amaroK and kaffeine.

The TV card itself works perfectly, and is even recognized by lircd/irkick (it's configuration is loaded, etc). I have loaded the appropriate modules for the remote control to work under the 2.6 kernel:

evdev                   9600  0
ir_kbd_i2c              8588  0
ir_common               8196  1 ir_kbd_i2c
i2c_core               21904  8 ir_kbd_i2c,tda9887,tvaudio,tda9875,bttv,i2c_algo_bit,tveeprom,i2c_i801

The problem seems to be for lircd to find the remote device. At this part I'm confused, because most tutorials and howtos on the internet seem to be about configuring remote controls with usb- or serial-connected receivers. As my receiver is my TV card, I have a problem understanding how to find my device. I've tried to check /proc/bus/input/devices, as is described in the guide, and it shows this:

I: Bus=0003 Vendor=045e Product=0095 Version=0419
N: Name="Microsoft Microsoft IntelliMouse® Explorer"
P: Phys=usb-0000:00:1d.1-1/input0
H: Handlers=mouse0 event1
B: EV=7
B: KEY=1f0000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
B: REL=1c3

I: Bus=0003 Vendor=045e Product=0007 Version=0106
N: Name="Microsoft® Microsoft® SideWinder® Game Pad USB"
P: Phys=usb-0000:00:1d.1-2/input0
H: Handlers=event2
B: EV=b
B: KEY=3ff0000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
B: ABS=3

I: Bus=0010 Vendor=001f Product=0001 Version=0100
N: Name="PC Speaker"
P: Phys=isa0061/input0
H: Handlers=kbd event3
B: EV=40001
B: SND=6

I: Bus=0011 Vendor=0001 Product=0001 Version=ab41
N: Name="AT Translated Set 2 keyboard"
P: Phys=isa0060/serio0/input0
H: Handlers=kbd event4
B: EV=120013
B: KEY=4 2000000 3802078 f840d001 f2ffffdf ffefffff ffffffff fffffffe
B: MSC=10
B: LED=7

Nothing. sad

Anyone have any experience with this particular remote, or with TV-card-based receivers in general?


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