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[solved] Gnome lockscreen questions

1. Is there a way to get rid of the necessity to pull up the gnome lockscreen or press enter or escape before I can type the password? I want to type directly the password without pressing any button before.

2. Can I set up gnome to blank the screen when I press CTRL+ALT+L instead of showing bhe tackground and the time?


Edit: The bug is solved in Gnome 3.8. Thanks

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Re: [solved] Gnome lockscreen questions

I think this is not possible, but I can suggest you a workaround. I use the i3 window manager, and it comes with a utility to lock the screen which does exactly what you want. I think the lock utility can work even if you are not using i3wm. Try installing i3lock with pacman, and then in Gnome define a keyboard shortcut for
i3lock -d -c 000000
It does exactly what you want. It blanks the screen with dpms off(or standby) and locks it. to unlock just start typing your password(the screen will turn on with a black backgroud(you can change the color after -c if you like, it is in hex)) and press enter.

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