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[SOLVED] xrdb not reading .Xresources at boot

spent a few hours trying to figure this out yesterday to no avail but still learned alot.

so in my home folder I have .Xresources file:

! terminal colors ------------------------------------------------------------

! tangoesque scheme
*background: #111111
*foreground: #babdb6
! Black (not tango) + DarkGrey
*color0:  #000000
*color8:  #555753
! DarkRed + Red
*color1:  #ff6565
*color9:  #ff8d8d
! DarkGreen + Green
*color2:  #93d44f
*color10: #c8e7a8
! DarkYellow + Yellow
*color3:  #eab93d
*color11: #ffc123
! DarkBlue + Blue
*color4:  #204a87
*color12: #3465a4
! DarkMagenta + Magenta
*color5:  #ce5c00
*color13: #f57900
!DarkCyan + Cyan (both not tango)
*color6:  #89b6e2
*color14: #46a4ff
! LightGrey + White
*color7:  #cccccc
*color15: #ffffff

I also made a .xinitrc file in my home directory:

xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources

my problem is after boot I still have to manually use xrdb ~/.Xresources to have my .Xresources file to run.

I know there is a lot on Google about this but I read through a large amount trying to get it to work. Apparently there are various problems and they depended up how your Desktop Manager starts the X environment.

I am using LXDE (desktop manager) and openbox (windowd manager). At login I am greated with a login splash screen that takes me into my LXDE environment... I just can't figure out how to force startx to trigger the reading of my .Xresources file.

I made sure all files were not made as root and they have the proper permissions including being ecexcutable.

However my boot is configured,  the .Xresources is simply not getting run through xrdb as doing it manually after boot workds perfectly...

The arch wiki reads: "are using  a Display Manager t log into X. Most DM will autoload the ~/.Xresources file on login"

So is this more a lxde question?

Another blog I read said that LXDE may not read .Xresources automatically thus the need for the .xinitrc file.... I followed those instructions as well to no avail:

create .xinitrc
chmod +x .xinitrc
add xrdb -load ~/.Xresources &     
to the .xinitrc file

... did not work for my setup

at this point I am at a loss.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: [SOLVED] xrdb not reading .Xresources at boot


Have you tried adding the command to Openbox' file? I don't know exactly how it's called, but it's usually placed in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/openbox/ and if everything works correctly, it is executed upon starting Openbox.

... and having read the comment below, yes, please use code tags. It confused me at first whether you were literally typing 'add' and 'create' as commands in your shell or not.

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Re: [SOLVED] xrdb not reading .Xresources at boot

Please use [code ][/ code] tags to show your config files, rather than boxing them in superfluous whitespace.

I don't think LXDM reads .xinitrc, try putting the xrdb command into the autostart file instead: … t_Programs

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Re: [SOLVED] xrdb not reading .Xresources at boot

Thanks guys! I definitely will try the suggestions and thanks for the code tag suggestion... It does make the post much easier to understand. Will test out suggestions and get back.

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Re: [SOLVED] xrdb not reading .Xresources at boot

Works as advertised. Thank you very much ayekat and WorMzy!

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