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#1 2013-03-22 00:14:43

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glyphs and box-drawing-characters not displayed in ncmpcpp progressbar

This is my first post here. I am using ncmpcpp which is working fine except for some glyphs not rendered at all if I set them in progress bar.
I am using terminator with

section from my ncmpcpp config which does not work are

#progressbar_look = "─░─"
#progressbar_look = "─⊙╶"
progressbar_look = "◾◾◽"

all 3 of those don't work ( i un-comment them ofcourse , once at a time )

progressbar_look = "─|"

works fine.

Output of locale -a


terminator config

  handle_size = 1
    use_system_font = False
    cursor_shape = ibeam
    foreground_color = "#00ff00"
    show_titlebar = False
    font = Ricty 10
    cursor_blink = False
      type = Terminal
      parent = window0
      type = Window
      parent = ""

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#2 2022-06-21 16:47:52

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Re: glyphs and box-drawing-characters not displayed in ncmpcpp progressbar

I had the very same problem. ayushjsh probably won't need this, but this is first result in google, so for the future generation.

If you can't see the third character, try selecting terminal on progress bar, it's possible you will see the third character then!
I couldn't see it because on my setup it was simply black and selecting added white background so I could see it. For me solution
was to set

progressbar_color = green:b

in ~/.ncmpcpp/config

Hope it help someone and it will spare "" for next person looking for it:)


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