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#1 2013-03-22 18:06:46

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Why is wicd-curses maxing out my CPU?

Hi, all--

I wrote a much more detailed post, but got auto-logged-out and lost it all, and I'm out of time. So for now I will just pose the question, and if you would like more detail I'll check back later and fill in the blanks.

So I have this Asus EEE netbook, and I am connected to my own wireless router at home, and AFAIK this is the only device connected (my router is "secured" with WPA2). Signal strength is showing at about 79%, and I the connection is on channel 5, which nobody else within range is using. And, according to 'top', wicd-curses is using 93-98% of the CPU! The next most resoure-intensive process is Firefox, at about 1-2%.

Oh, and I have wicd- And just by way of full disclosure, I know my system is overdue for an upgrade. There's a reason for that, which I'll tell you later if you want to know, but I realize that upgrading might solve the problem. Nonetheless I am really curious about this, because I just can't imagine what could be causing it.


Matt Gushee
Englewood, CO, USA


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Re: Why is wicd-curses maxing out my CPU?

Sounds like a memory leak in ncurses which is used to draw wicd-curses. How long has wicd-curses been running when it gets to that level?

As you say, Update! If that doesn't fix the problem then it might be something else.

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