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fallback system for when hard drive dies

looks like my hard drive on my desktop just packed up / started to make clicking noises, unable to boot it now.

for back up i have always just copied my important files to a usb stick, which of course is not the best method. now i will have to buy new hard drive and re-install all over again.

what is the best way to get around this problem of hard drive failure, is there a way to have 2 or n disks in desktop case so if one fails, then i can just use the spare drive. is this a RAID system or something like that.  something that keeps the disks in sync with each other, then one fails, the other becomes the master. i then install a new drive, then the system auto copies to the new drive  - replicates everything even boot sector ? anything like that in arch linux ?


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Re: fallback system for when hard drive dies

Yes, that is a Raid 1 array you are describing. The wiki has the details on how to set it up...

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