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Audio Devices Issue & Wine Fullscreen

Hello Arch Forum Users!

I have recently installed Arch Linux after many years of using Windows and I have managed to sort out majority of the kinks of the system apart from two.

1. I have two devices which I use for audio, one is my USB headset and the other is general speakers plugged in via 3.5mm jack. Every time I boot my machine only one OR the other works, If I unplug the current working device the other sound device doesn't kick in unless I reboot the system or restart KDE. If I go into Phonon I can get both of the devices to produce the test sound and both drivers are installed. Is there anyway for me to fix this? Preferably Headset highest priority then Speakers.

2. I run Worms Armageddon through Wine, in normal situations the game will launch full screen fine; but because I dual screen monitors the game wants to stretch over both of them (3840 x 1080). Is there a way to make wine to focus just one monitor?

I will thank in advance for your knowledge!



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