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[WORKAROUND] vlc + pulseaudio no sound after pause/resume

Hi fellow archers,

I have this problem since I installed arch on this laptop(thinkpad x200s) 3 months ago. When I watch something(no matter what video format) in VLC and pause, there is no sound after resume. Seeking back/forward fixes the issue, and this is how I have been living with it, but it is kind of annoying. Changing default output to ALSA fixes the problem, but then other applications can't output sound, or if some other application wich is currently outputting is running, VLC can't. I have tried mostly everything I found on the internet: probably all possible combinations of settings; removed and reinstalled VLC and pulseaudio; compiled VLC from AUR; compiled VLC from ABS with --enable-pulse compile option. mplayer works fine, but I really prefer VLC.

Any help will be much appreciated.

WORKAROUND: I just uninstalled pulseaudio. There are some errors when I open several instances of vlc, but it happens rarely, so it is less of a PITA than pulseaudio.

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