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Dell E6520 IDT 92HD90BXX - no sound from speakers after update

After recent kernel upgrade speakers in my laptop stopped working (only headphones output works).
I had been using ALSA.
I switched to OSS to bring the speakers back and it works.
I'm fine with OSS unless all of my apps recognize and work with it flawlessly.
(Internal mic however works neither with ALSA nor with OSS :-( )
Searching the net I found that it's an overall problem with this piece of hardware. (UBUNTU bug-reports)
I need the mic so where should I start poking. (Tried everything in alsamixer)
When I try to record sound I can hear only slight noise.
Maybe the driver doesn't support internal mic or assumes it's a line-in?
Why did it stop working with ALSA?
On reporting a bug what data should I provide?

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