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Impress hangs on slides wit

I'm using Libreoffice on Arch linux. When I open files that have slides with sound files (music), impress hangs for about 10 seconds on each of those slides to load them. Then, when I scroll up or down on the slide panel, it hangs every time a slide with sound shows up. I also get the same in presentation mode. When I get to a slide with sound, it takes about 10 seconds for the sound to start, and then an additional 5 seconds for the slide to show up. Slides with movie files do not have similar problems. I haven't found similar issues in forums yet. If there are, I'd appreciate you directing me to it. I do not know how to figure where the problem comes from. I'm not sure if it's with Libreoffice or arch linux, or... If you know how to help me locate the problem, that would be great. Cheers


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