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Understanding CUPS

I am trying to understand the colour options in Cups. I can see from lpoptions -p that all my printers include:

print-color-mode=monochrome or color

I can also see from lpoptions -l -p that all the printers include:

ColorModel/Output Mode: CMYGray KGray *RGB

I don't really understand the distinction.

If I send a command -o ColorMode=KGray to a colour printer I certainly get a black and white print, but if I send the command  -o print-color-mode=monochrome I still get a colour print.

So my rather simple mind suggest to me that the print-color-mode indicates what type of printer CUPS believes that I am dealing with i.e Colour or Monochrome, and the ColorMode selects the output mode for the print job.

Am I getting close do you think?

(I did try googling but got nowhere)




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