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[SOLVED]Pink vertical line since KMS on radeon 7970 and

I've found a really weird behaviour.

Happens that I'm using the radeon driver and I'm using it with a monitor connected through hdmi. It worked fine, but sound wasn't coming out, so I discovered about the `` kernel boot parameter. I found that afetr writing that I got a vertical pink line of 2 px width at the most left. Removing the line removes the problem, and works fine on my old laptop, so I'm pretty sure it's not hardware issue.

Also, the line appears there soon (when starting the system), and also appears in the ttys, so it's not an X problem either. I've looked that this happens with kms, but most posts are quite old.

I've been searching and I couldn't find anything related to this =(.

Oh, btw: the sound doesn't work either :P (testing with aplay -D ...).

Searching again I found this:, which points the issue, but says that I'm supposed to put ``, so I guess it's deactivating the hdmi audio?


I found that my card it's part of the S. Islands family (tahiti), and on the HDMI Audio part says "TODO": … 2965a6c-25

So, well... I guess there's no point in putting `` when it's not supported :C

Adding to the wiki and marking as solved.

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