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#1 2003-10-24 16:38:08

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wine 2003-10-16 failures

winecheck reports this:
023. Checking availability of windows registry entries...   CRITICAL (entry "Default Taskbar" not found).
- ADVICE: Windows registry does not seem to be added to Wine, as this typical Windows registry entry does not exist in Wine's registry. This can affect many newer programs. A complete original Windows registry entry set will *not* be available with a no-windows install, of course, so you'll have to live with that..

23 tests. 2 suspicious, 0 bad, 1 critical, 0 failed.
Wine configuration correctness score: 84.15%

can not find any reference at winehq

I've tried clean configs built from both winesetuptk and winetool1.25a
with both fake and existing registries.

ideas? roll

Off to using Peanut and Slackware, no hard feelings but I need my CD to burn, PDA and scanner to connect and arch won't do it.



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