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#1 2005-10-23 16:58:18

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sequency in DAEMONS section

I have this items in daemons section in my /etc/rc.conf file:

DAEMONS=(syslog-ng hotplug !pcmcia network netfs crond ppp acpid)

I want to ask you. Is this a good sequency of booting daemons, or it should be changed. Is this have an influence how long Archlinux starts??
Are there any rules how this section should be written. I don't know for example hotplug shuld be first or shuld start at finish??

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Re: sequency in DAEMONS section

The daemons are started in order from left to right, so what you have above looks good. That being said, the only rule for placement is to use common sense. Thats is if network requires the module to be loaded before it can run, then you need to have hotplug (if you use it) before network is called on. You can also prerfix a daemon with a "@" to background it meaning the next module doesn't have to wait for the previous (the backgrounded one) to finish loading before it starts -this decrease boot time. Again, this is common sense, you wouldn't want to background hotplug if network is after it. ppp and acpid looks like they can be backgrounded, so they would look like: @ppp @acpid


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