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Samsung laptop: no backlight after suspend


I have a problem with pm-suspend with my new laptop: it suspends just fine, but after the resume the LCD panel backlight is off. I can only get it back on by ending the current KDE session (going back to console, as I don't use KDM).

A little info on my hardware/configuration:
Samsung Chrome series 7 (NPZ700Z5C)
Inter 4000HD + GeForce GT 640M (bumblebee + nvidia proprietary drivers)

I tried the tricks suggested in the wiki page of pm-utils: unfortunately, none of them worked. I have none of the mentioned BIOS options (neither something that could be realted), and the script using vbetool doen't have any effect. In fact, even running "vbetool dpms on" manually doesn't restore the backlight after a resume.
I tried some of the quirks proposed by the man page of pm-suspend: of course "--quirk-dpms-on", but also "--quirk-vbe-post --quirk-vbestate-restore". No luck here either.
As a last chance, I tried "systemctl suspend", which is supposedly independent from pm-utils. Well, things in this case are even worse: I can't even get the backlight on after quitting the KDE session and dropping to the console.

Any clue how to solve this? Right now, suspending is pretty much useless... Thank a lot for any advice!


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Re: Samsung laptop: no backlight after suspend

There are quite a few threads about this. It is fixed in 3.8.5 (in [testing] now)...

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