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Sound not working on Asus Eee PC 1005HA


I am a total newbie to Arch, so don't judge me!

All that comes with installing Arch is exhausting and complicated to me who has never been on this level before. But it's also very satisfying. So, that's why I haven't given up yet even though I just want to smile

Sometimes I just think it's too hard to find proper instructions on wikis and stuff because they sometimes assume you know this and that or whatever...

Anyway, I can't get the sound to work and I'm so confused with what the wiki is doing so I'd just rather ask here myself.

Arch Linux Sound Architecture

That's where I was looking and I'm too confused right now to try to follow this.

I just can't get my sound to work and I would like somebody to guide me through the process. Since that thing was a general guide and not for the Eee PC 1005HA specifically I think it would be easier if somebody could help me who has one of these or something.

I hope there's a kind soul out there with knowledge to share.



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