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Counter Strike: Source current issues.

Well I've been testing for a while using Steam for linux and running the game trough bumblebee with primus as bridge.
Current issues for me (could be similar among other Source engine games, like TF2 etc...):
-chat fonts are unable to read when there is light/white background under that chat (the same with CS 1.6)
-microphone stops working as soon as you get into a server (seems to be fixed in steampipe beta)
-unable to set ingame brightness in video options
-multicore rendering seems to crash the game after some minutes in game
-the game doesn't work with bumblebee when the bridge is set to virtualgl intead of primus
-the fps shows up well, but the game lags (can be fixed by forcing vblank_mode=0 to bumlebee command and setting fps_max to the refresh rate of your screen)
There is of course some information about those bugs in the internet, but about the brightness bug I havent found anything at all.
Using latest nvidia driver packaged with bumblebee and the same issues persist with the intel card. Most terrible issues are the microphone issue and brightness issue, but the game still works incredibly well in my opinion.
Maybe some arch users have found any solutions here? smile

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