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#1 2013-04-01 13:20:03

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abs sudo extra/ati-dri doesn't fetch anything


I'm trying to recompile a few packages to include debugging symbols in order to be able to fill a proper bug request for kwin crashes. I'm still learning to use ABS and I've successfully recompiled kdebase-workspace. Now I need to do the same for the package "extra/ati-dri". However, I can't get the PKGBUILD and related files for it.

Running "sudo abs extra/ati-dri" or "sudo abs ati-dri" doesn't get any files (it displays no errors, either). Running "sudo abs" gets all regular packages, but "extra/ati-dri" still does not show up.

It seems that this package should be available (because running pacman -Qo on a r600 object used by kwin), but I can't find it.

Does anybody have any ideas or hints?


#2 2013-04-01 16:05:45

From: Sacremende
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Re: abs sudo extra/ati-dri doesn't fetch anything

It's a split package inside extra/mesa.

$ grep ati-dri /var/abs/extra/*/PKGBUILD


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