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#1 2005-10-24 16:54:10

From: .at
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[community] on website

hi, please add

Current Package Lists 
Current    October 23 07:21     
Extra               October 24 08:48    
Unstable    October 23 09:20    
Testing               October 22 04:36
Community     October 22 04:36  <-- NEW

on the frontpage of!

cu matsche


#2 2005-10-24 19:39:05

From: London, UK
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Re: [community] on website

Amen to that! However, I expect that if it was easy to do then it would have been done already. I'm assuming that the AUR database is hosted in a completely different database to the standard AL package repository DB, and may even conform to a different DB schema.

It's my opinion that anything that brings AUR closer to the core, all the better.


#3 2005-11-19 01:21:16

Lazy Developer
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Re: [community] on website

Indeed, arooaroo is right, the DB formats differ a bit.

That said, if anything, it is planned to do the reverse of what matsche suggested, that is, to add the package lists from current, extra, unstable, and so on, to the AUR's database. (check out bug , notice we've had it open for a long time, none of us have had the chance yet)

The suggestion box only accepts patches.


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