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Automatic Wake On Lan/Sleeping Arch Box?

I have my home (media) server setup that runs Arch and it does multiple things, it's the media server for all the XBMC clients in the house along with being an Apache/MySQL/CouchPotato/SickBeard/SABnzbd server. The thing is that about 50% of the time (usually between 2am and 10am and possibly during the day) it isn't really utilized and is just sitting there idle. Is there a way that I can have it go to sleep and have my router (Linksys e3200 soon to be flashed with DD-WRT or I may build one out of a Raspberry Pi) or something else automatically send a "magic packet" to wake it up whenever something tries to make a connection to it? Or would it just be easier to keep it on 24/7? I'm trying to reduce my electric bill a bit and was looking at getting a 4-bay NAS for this reason (considering the one I was looking at consumes 35w active and my pc probably consumes ~400w) but the thing is they're about $500. So in the long run it would definitely save me money but in the short run it would cost me a hell of a lot more than just leaving the pc on all the time.


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Re: Automatic Wake On Lan/Sleeping Arch Box?

For  the first part I don't really know but I imagine it can be really simple, perhaps just running a script with cron?
There's a whole section for Wake on Lan in the wiki of both Arch and DD-WRT:

Again a script would probably do the job using the wol package. If you want to put it to sleep automatically when it's idle for a certain amount of time then checking cpu utilisation is easy: … ation.html


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