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What is status of /etc/conf.d/postgresql file?

The current status of /etc/conf.d/postgresql is quite confusing.

In one of latest thread Postgresql 9.2.3-1, there is this statement given:

teekay wrote:

Looking at /usr/lib/systemd/system/postgresql.service PGROOT is now set in the service file directly.

Does it really mean the postgresql package no longer installs /etc/conf.d/postgresql file and the service file should be edited instead?

Posts in the forum archives do not help to clarify anything either and some of then, even fairly recent, still discuss editing of /etc/conf.d/postgresql.

Finally, the section "Change Default Data Dir (Optional)" of also says

Edit /etc/conf.d/postgresql and change the PGROOT variable(optionally PGLOG) to point to your new pgroot directory.

If /etc/conf.d/postgresql file is no longer in use, shouldn't it be removed from the wiki article?

Looking at the PKGBUILD package in Git, the installation only backs up existing /etc/conf.d/postgresql file, but does not install any new one.

Could anyone clarify status of this file, please?

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Re: What is status of /etc/conf.d/postgresql file?

You just did. smile

As you observed, the conf.d file is no longer included in the package, PGROOT is set in the service file, and the wiki should be updated. Obviously, the forum archives are not going to help here.

Feel free to update the wiki yourself, but check the systemd documentation first for the right way to use customised versions of packaged service files.


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