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Discrepancies with Arch Wiki concerning installing Arch on Macbooks

Hello everyone,

So last night (and very well into this morning) I successfully installed Arch Linux my newly purchased macbook air (5,2; mid 2012 13" model) and noticed some possible discrepancies with information on the macbook installation page. I would like to make the following addendum to the wiki but want to confirm if anyone experienced anything similar. (I kept the osx partition for firmware updates)

1) The UEFI boot media: according to the wiki page the installation media is supposed to be formatted as HFS+. However with the newest image (04012013) doing so resulted in a kernel panic. I ensured the medium was UEFI bootable and that the label was indeed set. To get the installation medium to work I simply used the commands listed on the UEFI page and kept the format as Fat32. (referring to commands listed here.

2) In the partitions section it fails to mention the need for a special efi partition and instead only mentions the boot, possible swap, and home partitions. I made a small 100M EFI partition (it may have been too big but I wasn't sure how much space it really needed). I followed the instructions on the on the GRUB 2 page section concerning the EFI system partitions here.

3) usbinput is deprecated by the keyboard hook which is already in the mkinitcpio.conf by default

4) Given I was dual booting I had to install refint/refind. I know the wiki page mentions this later in the wiki but it wasn't clear if this was actually a requirement. Refint/Refind could be installed via pacman and should be done so during installation (or it could be installed before or after installation from osx

5) I reinstalled multiple times because I couldn't tell what I may have done wrong so I am *really* unsure if any of the following were necessary

  • Running grub-install with the --boot-directory command (shown here)

  • Running bless on the EFI boot partition here

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