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streaming desktop into v4l2loopback

Hello all.
I'm trying to get ffmpeg (using x11grab) to stream my desktop (obviously) into a v4l2loopback device (/dev/video1 , after modprobing it).

I'm having problems getting ffmpeg to output things in the kind of format that would make /dev/video1 readable, however.

This is what I have so far:

$ ffmpeg -f x11grab -s 600x400 -i :0.0 -f null - > /dev/video1

this makes ffmpeg output (something) to /dev/video1 ; which is, unfortunately not readable (checked with mplayer tv:// just in case)

I also tried

$ ffmpeg -f x11grab -s 600x400 -i :0.0 -f video4linux2 /dev/video1
$ ffmpeg -f x11grab -s 600x400 -i :0.0 -f v4l2 /dev/video1

which told me that video4linux2 is not a proper output option. (I would guess so!)

I'm going to use the virtual webcam to record other things, and will mess around with ffmpeg to get proper quality later but I'd like to begin with being simply able to see something.

Thank you for your time.


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