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[Solved] No sound since 3.8.5-1 kernel update

[Edit] Brown bag! I needed a reboot to get sound working with the new kernel. I feel like an idiot.

alsactl init

with kernel 3.8.4-1 used to find these devices:

Found hardware: "HDA-Intel" "Realtek ALC892" "HDA:10ec0892,10438410,00100302" "0x1043" "0x8410"
Hardware is initialized using a generic method

and sound worked as expected.

With 3.8.5-1 all I get is this:

Found hardware: "CX88x" "CX88" "" "0x7063" "0x5500"
Hardware is initialized using a generic method

and there is no sound. Do I need to initialize sound devices in a different way with the new kernel?

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