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Wanting to make a new pacman wrapper/helper

Hi all, Ive just started working on a new pacman wrapper, sort of like pacmatic.
Ive only had one issue relating to pacman and installing packages incorectly (back when I was really new to arch), Im really just doing this for fun but it would be cool if it helped people.

Here is what I had in mind for it so far: (Im just dealing with '-S*' at the moment)

Backing up .pacnew and their corresponding current file (that they will replace) in a nice manner somehow...

Make sure that the repos dont get ahead of your system (checking when you last synced, upgraded, and check mod times on db files perhaps)

Warn you if you are trying something that could cause breakage (pacman -Sy package)

Recommend an action based on your previous pacman run (running pacman -Syuw means your next run should be pacman -Su and NOT pacman -S package)

Search for any pac{new/save/orig} files and prompt you to deal with them (use vimdiff or pacdiff)

This is my first try at bash scripting, and my first git project, so be nice smile
Have a look at what I have so far: … topac.bash

At the moment Im trying to cover every scenario when using

pacman -S*

Feel free to post your opinion/recommendation/idea

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