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No manual entry for lightdm-set-defaults

In the reference to Matt's Fischer's blog at the bottom of this post, he talks about there being no manpage for lightdm-set-defaults and that an example ligthdm.conf file can be used to see all the available options and what they do. If I wanted to write a local copy of my own man page for it using that example, how could I then get that man page integrated into my seytem?
Specifically where can I read some more information about installing a local copy of a man page that I create for myself that could be launched by issuing the command:
man lightdm-set-defaults

The following information shows what I was doing, how I ran into this problem, and documents that I did some research on the problem.
What was installed:
pacman -Ss lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter
This installed lightdm v1.4.1

What I was doing:
Installing Arch.
Got through he beginners installation guide without a problem.
Started working through the LIghtDM Wiki without a problem until I got to the section titled "Optional Configuration and Tweaks" specifically the part where it states the following:
man lightdm-set-defaults

What I expected to happen:
To be shown the man page for lightdm-set-defaults.

What happened instead:
No manual entry for lightdm-set-defaults

Some information I found regarding the problem:
I found this bug report where it states a fix was released but the report seems to pertain to Ubuntu and not Arch: … ug/1044485

I also found Matt Fisher's blog talking about some of the arguments that can be issued to lightdm-set-defaults, but I was hoping to find a more complete manual on it then just a website reference to some of its options.
...and yes I did notice at the bottom of his page that it states there is no manpage for lightdm-set-defaults, but I'm still curious if there is a workarround

Please note that this is my first post on the Arch Linux forums.
I appreciate your patience and help.

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Re: No manual entry for lightdm-set-defaults

Sorry I posted too soon. Noob mistake.
Here is a link for others interested in writing man pages:

Note: In the last post from the following page: looks like current development towards creating a manpage for lightdm.conf has come to a halt, and no lightdm-set-default man page is referenced.

Is there a central location where documentation is being developed for the lightdm packages (preferably with some sort of subversion system so multiple people could work on the documentation at the same time)?


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