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xfwm4: better placement of new windows

I really like xfwm4, but somewhat regularly I would get a little annoyed by where it would place new windows. Typical case would be this: I have an application (e.g. file manager) maximized, then I have a gVim window on the left side (the window is about half my screen's size, so I can have two side by side). Then I would open a new terminal; my terminal window is 1/4th of the screen, so I could have 4 opened at the same time.

Naturally, I would expect my terminal window to go on the top-right corner, but it wouldn't go there. Instead, it was on the bottom-left one, i.e. on top of gVim. Recently I decided to look into this, and this ended up with a little patch to - IMHO - improve things a bit. Now new windows are placed in what I find to be better/more predictable places, e.g. in my example, it would go on the top-right corner.

I wrote a little more about how xfwm4 works, and how my patch changes things. I've also put a PKGBUILD in the AUR.

In case someone else might like that,


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Re: xfwm4: better placement of new windows

Have you considered going upstream with this? If you feel like this is an improvement, maybe the developers think the same.

EDIT: Nevermind, just read on your blog that you did submit it upstream.

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Re: xfwm4: better placement of new windows

I just commented on Xfce's bugzilla, you did a great job!


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