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#1 2005-10-26 22:59:32

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transcode looks for old version of mjpegtools

I'm running transcode to convert an avi to an mpg for burning to vcd, using the following command:

transcode -i myfile.avi --export_prof vcd -o myfile.mpg

It fails because it tries to find, which does not exist on my system. The installed version of mjpegtools is 1.8, so I do have However, transcode insists on the 1.7 lib.

I've worked around it by creating as a symlink to, but I'm not sure if/where i should report this. The system it's running on is completely up to date.

Any thoughts anyone?


#2 2005-10-27 00:34:33

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Re: transcode looks for old version of mjpegtools

Try recompiling transcode (change source url: The warning will still be there it'll work (no more "critical: plug-in initialization failed" error).  According to ldd, transcode doesn't link to libmjpegutils :? Maybe a problem with transcode itself. Anyway, submit a bug report (to


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