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#1 2013-04-10 06:54:09

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networkmanager-applet does not save specific passwords

Hey community!

As the title says, networkmanager-applet does not save the passwords for WPA2-Enterprise networks.

The log gives me the following output:

Apr 10 08:40:11 penguinpad NetworkManager[243]: <info> Config: added 'password' value '<omitted>'

Of course, I have entered the password many times, without selecting 'Ask for password every time'.
I can connect, but everytime I want to do so, I have to enter the password in the settings page of networkmanager-applet,
even after waking up from suspend. Does anyone have a hint?
The thing that is bugging me, is that WPA&WPA2 network passwords are saved! What am I doing wrong?


#2 2013-04-17 17:31:12

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Re: networkmanager-applet does not save specific passwords

I have the same problem running the latest nm-applet in Openbox. It saved all passwords before the last update, not just WPA2 personal.


#3 2013-05-20 06:29:33

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Re: networkmanager-applet does not save specific passwords

I encountered precisely this problem when I needed to connect to a WPA2-Enterprise network. I could not get network manager to connect me automatically, and needed to enter the user password each time.

I tried running nm-applet as root, and found that when trying to save the password, the dialog would prompt me if I wanted to ignore the CA certificate. When I checked the button to ignore, the dialog subsequently disappeared. It seemed to have a conflict with saving the password. This led me to manually explore the configuration for that SSD in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections. There I found a line with referring to ca-certificates (= true). I changed this to false, and since then I have been able to autologin into the access point. This is a kludge, but at least it seems to work for me.  A more solid fix is needed, but you may want to try this.


#4 2013-06-12 08:13:24

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Re: networkmanager-applet does not save specific passwords

I can confirm this problem with nm-applet in xfce. I have to re-enter the password before I can connect.


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