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Query on the appropriate method of making http requests


I wanted to make a library for using the Amazon SNS, SQS and S3 services using C. For this, i have to make http requests and interpret the response. I searched around the internet a bit. From my searches i found i can use either wget or curl to do this.

The examples above seem more like what i want to do. Can someone guide me as to what the appropriate method for achieving this would be?. Socket programming is also one of the options i assume, but, i am not sure. Will the libcurl library and the html parsing example which uses libxml to parse the http response given on the above link is what i should base my further efforts on?

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Re: Query on the appropriate method of making http requests

In php i use curl, in python i use the urllib.  It should be more easy and better in C using curl and json-c or libxml or xerces-c.


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