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Installing arch without network drivers

I'm trying to use a live cd to install arch on my desktop, however the kernel doesn't have the drivers for my atheros ar8161.

What would be the easiest way to get my network working so that I can install arch?

I don't have any wireless adapters or any other wired adapters, but I do have a laptop and a usb to transfer files.


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Re: Installing arch without network drivers

option 1
Use archboot CD to install the core , base-devel, support packages without internet
post install build alx from sources.
The guide is here. … orking/alx
option 2
Build alx package from AUR and use the binary executable to install drivers for AR8161.

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Re: Installing arch without network drivers

If you have either experience installing Arch before (the current CLI way) or with the Linux CLI in general, you could always install pacman onto a running system, install the arch boot scripts, and then do it from a working system.  It should be pretty much the same (for the most part).

Alternatively, I have been told that it is possible to loop mount the iso and chroot into it, then installing to a partition that is mounted into the chrooted iso.  I don't see why this wouldn't work, and then you should be booted from a kernel with the necessary network support.

In either case, if you have no experience installing a system in the fashion that Arch requires, I would wait.  (Doing a Gentoo installation probably would be adequate experience, since the process is quite similar)


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