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AUR Helper Droid - AUR Android browser app

Hi there,

After consulting with the AUR-Dev mailling list for the technical details I've started working on an Android application to browse AUR. I've named it AUR Helper Droid, but the name might change in the future, this is just the first one I could think of tongue

I've just started, but I decided to post a message on the forum so I could ask the community for help on 1 thing: an app icon. If you've design skills and fell like helper please make a reply to this post with your suggestion. Make sure you make the icon 512x512px at least. I'll also need promotional banners to place on Google Play for the app in the future, but that's not a priority until the application is ready for publishing.

Your work will have the same license as the project itself, Apache 2.0, and of course you'll be mentioned in the credits.

I might need translators as well, but it is way to soon to ask for that.

NOTE: Don't use this thread to complain something is not working, just open an issue in github. Notice that at the moment there is no point doing that because it is in a very early stage!

Here are some screenshots of the current look. Currently I'm just displaying the new packages on AUR, browsing and searching will come on next versions.



If you want to test the first  build, you can get the compiled APK here: … 2369930,18

The project lives in GitHub at:


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Re: AUR Helper Droid - AUR Android browser app

Looks amazing! I like where you are going with it. Keep up the good work..


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